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About Us

WELCOME TO Toronto Elevator LTD.

Toronto Elevator Ltd. has been manufacturing and installing elevators since 1985. We also specialize in elevator maintenance and repairs. Our team is fully licensed from the Technical Standard Safety Authority and we’re also Qualified Elevator Inspectors (QEI).

With our level of mechanical and industry expertise, we promise our clients top-quality elevator maintenance and repair at every turn. We can help elevate our clients to new heights safely and conveniently for a very low cost. In addition to manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repairs, we also specialize in elevator sales and retrofitting for existing structures.

After performing a complete site inspection and audit, our experienced technicians are qualified to recommend and provide estimates for new elevator installations, modifications to modernize existing structures, and so much more.

Routine elevator maintenance should be performed at least once every 12 months to identify and diagnose potential problems as early on as possible before they cause structural damage or injury. Qualified technicians from our team will perform thorough elevating system inspections and audits to make sure that your mechanism is completely safe and up to code. If your elevator doesn’t pass our inspection and mechanical tests, then we’ll recommend the right repairs, maintenance, and parts replacements to bring it up to code.


Reliable Elevator Services

At Toronto Elevator Ltd., our goal is to get you moving. We provide our client with safe and innovative elevator services for residential and commercial properties. Our services include:

From custom-tailored elevators for your home to state-of-the-art elevators featuring advanced security systems for commercial buildings, our team of fully licensed technicians are always up to the task. We provide precision technical elevator security services that help keep you and your guests or clients completely safe at all times. 

Get custom solutions for all of your elevator installation, maintenance, and repair needs. 

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We Can Help Lift You Up

Satisfaction is completely guaranteed with our commercial and residential elevator services. You get easy and safe access to our elevator services whenever you need them. We also provide 24/7 elevator repair and maintenance, so you can contact us any time of the day or night if you have any technical issues. 

Plus, we offer free consultations for elevator installation, repairs, and maintenance anywhere in Toronto and the GTA. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation with one of our experienced technicians!