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Toronto Elevator

Brampton, ON

Phone: (416) 884-9404
Email: Amir@torontoelevator.ca

Our Services:

  • Car Elevator Manufacturing
  • Commercial Industrial Elevator Manufacturing
  • Custom Elevator Design
  • Dumbwaiter Manufacturing & Installation
  • Elevator Dismantling
  • Elevator Inspection
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Elevator Modernization
  • Elevator Parts Supplier
  • Elevator Repair
  • Elevator Security Access
  • Fashion Show Elevator Supplier
  • Freight Elevator Manufacturing

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Toronto Elevator – A Team Business

Elevator Inspection

Let Us Move You Safely!

Upper level of garage stacker Pulley system in hydraulic elevator

Toronto Elevator in Brampton, ON is a team business which has been manufacturing and installing elevators since 1985. We are licensed with the TSSA – Technical Standard Safety Authority and are certified with QEI – Qualified Elevator Inspectors. Our goal is to provide luxury elevating devices to our customers; making sure they move to a higher level, safely and conveniently. With more than 25 years of experience, we promise our customers top quality elevator inspection and elevator repair services.

What We Do:

  • Elevator Installation
  • Elevator Manufacturing
  • Elevator Sales
  • Elevator Servicing

Elevator Repairs

Trust Us To Keep You Running Smoothly!

If your machine did not pass our elevator inspection, do not worry; we will provide professional elevator repair to bring you up to code! Moving people safely is what we do best; therefore we provide the best quality elevator repair work and service. Maintaining a beautiful looking device built to fit your needs and beyond is also an important goal!