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Toronto Elevator

Brampton, ON

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Our Services:

  • Car Elevator Manufacturing
  • Commercial Industrial Elevator Manufacturing
  • Custom Elevator Design
  • Dumbwaiter Manufacturing & Installation
  • Elevator Dismantling
  • Elevator Inspection
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Elevator Modernization
  • Elevator Parts Supplier
  • Elevator Repair
  • Elevator Security Access
  • Fashion Show Elevator Supplier
  • Freight Elevator Manufacturing
  • Garage Stacker Manufacturing

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Elevator Manufacturing

Residential – Commercial – Industrial

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Digital elevator information panel

At Toronto Elevator in Brampton, ON, we're all about innovations. Whether you need passenger elevators for your home, office building or industrial warehouse, we are up for the job. We specialize in all types of elevators, from passenger elevators to industrial garage stackers. We're involved from machine design and fabrication to the installation and maintenance.

Passenger Elevators

We Move People!

Whether you need passenger elevators as simplistic as a one level stair chair lift, or a more glamorous scenic elevator for a hotel or shopping mall; bring us your design idea and we'll build what you want! We are a well respected company with an excellent reputation. Our custom products have been shipped overseas as well.

Garage Stackers

Let Us Help Maximize Your Space!

Let us help maximize your space with custom built double deck or triple deck garage stackers. This allows you to keep your automobiles safe and protected while taking full advantage of the space you have available in your garage.